Aztlan to Magulandia

The Aztlan to Magulandia exhibition was the biggest art show I had designed for. There are 200+ different artworks within the UC, Irvine Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), and the University Art Galleries (UAG), combined. Due to the immense number of pieces within the space, I was challenged throughout the project by a limited inventory of instruments. The goal of the design was to bring visibility and clarity to the artwork. The use of different angles helped create different shadows and add texture to the various sculptures in the space. Overall, each artwork was able to catch the viewer’s eye with its contrast between the crisp white wall and its vibrant colors.

Artwork by Naiche Lujan

Photo Credit: Hal Glicksamn


Anna Lelegigo wanted to capture the sense of never ending space with her artwork. The use of one isolated source drew the audience’s attention toward the artwork while making them feel the sense of being consumed by endless darkness. The single source of light added a bizarre, yet intriguing experience.

Artwork by Anna Lelegigo

Photo Credit: Anna Lelegigo