Created: A New Musical

CREATED: A NEW MUSICAL is set in a science fiction world where human genetics have been altered fro the sole purpose of hard labor. Those who carry the original human genetics (Primagen) are at the top of the societal hierarchy and rule over those created for hard labor (Neogen). The goald of the design was to capture the scorching heat of their planet while creating a balance betweeen the mechanical and natural worlds through the use of linear textures versus organic textures.

Directed by Luzma Ortiz

Photo Credit: Jon Trent Lonner


Crooked follows the story of confusion, pain, and isolation within two teenage girls’ daily lives. They learn from each other, growing in their contrasting faiths, from what they are told to believe to questioning and applying their beliefs to their lives and relationships. The goal of the design was to capture isolation with cool tones and isolated angles, simultaneously capturing the difference in emotional growth between the two girls with the use of icy tones versus warmer tones.

Directed by Zaynab Yasmine

Photo Credit: Alan Wu

I’m On My Way

I’m On My Way was a performance of a variety of songs sung by a choir group called “Harmonix.” Each song had a different emotional tone, represented through their voices and dance. The goal of the design was to use vibrant colors and effects to capture the kinetic energy of their upbeat songs and use slow shifts and low angles to create mysterious shadows for their sultrier songs.

Directed by Taylor Fagins

Photo Credit: Jerel Cabesas

Jeweled Toned Dresses & Character Heels

Jeweled Toned Dresses & Character Heels was performed by Laurence Turner in drag onstage, lip-syncing to Musical Theater students singing popular musical tracks live off stage. The design captured the powerful and colorful atmosphere of each musical song. It was a show where the costume changes, flashing lights, and beautiful songs made the audience laugh while filling them with awe.

Directed by Laurence Turner

Photo Credit: Caitlin S. Hemmings

Little Women

Little Women follows the story of four sisters living with their mother through the Civil War. The story is told from the perspective of Jo as the sisters learned to support each other and discovered their futures together. The lighting design captured the moments of struggle with the use of crisp, dramatic angles that isolated and carved out the characters. As the story followed each sister’s life, their personalities were captured through the use of soft colors that best represented each of them.

Directed by Zaynab Yasmine

Photo Credit: Anita Abdinezhad

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing is a comedic Shakespearian tale of romance and dishonesty within a family. Our production was set outdoors. The lighting design emphasized the dishonesty with cool colors and shadows. In moments of romance, the design brought out the mood of happiness and lightheartedness with warm amber.

Directed by Dalia Anderton

Photo Credit: Christian Cortez

The Science of Happiness

The Science of Happiness follows the story of Cecelia overcoming tragic events without the use of anti-depressants. The story takes place in the underworld, which Cecelia enters through putting on a pair of glasses. Anti-depressants are used to find happiness, yet Cecelia refuses to accept the use of science as a way to happiness. The design captured the dreamscape of the underworld with the use of cool, eerie colors. Warm, amber tones were brought into the underworld whenever Cecelia entered, which added emphasis on her being a part of the living.

Directed by Keira Logan Talley

Photo Credit: Tracey Smith Talley

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night is a comedic Shakespearean story of romance through disguise. The design created visibility through the use of warm colors, bringing out the comedic atmosphere. The romantic atmospheres were captured through the use of soft lavender washes.

Directed by Melissa Livingston

Photo Credit: Christian Cortez