Bare Bones 2017: Still in motion

Bare Bones 2017 consisted of 15 choreographies by students of all majors. Each dance piece had their own style, including pieces that were: frenetic, soft, romantic, powerful, and dramatic. In many cases, my inspiration for all 15 dances came from the album covers of the songs to which they were dancing. For other pieces, I drew inspiration for the videos they were watching or the choreographer's personal experience. The lighting design conveyed each style and matched its rhythm and kinetic energy. With a wide variety of colors and contrasting angles, I was able to sculpt the dancers and bring their stories to life.

Photo Credit: Terra Deal

Don't Expect Much

Don't Expect Much was all about humor and laughter generated through dance. Everything had a quirky or dramatic theme the elicited joy and laughter from the audience. The choreographer's inspiration was drawn from famous dancers such as Josephine Baker and Bob Fosse. The movement was sexy and bold, but also silly and innocent. The comedy was emphasized with vibrant colors and multiple textures. Being able to contrast colors and textures helped each piece stand out on their own, but still connect through their use of comedy in dance. Each effect built into the pieces were meant to bring out the festive atmosphere. Overall, the design immersed the audience while enhancing their laughter. 

Photo Credit: Skye Schmidt

Her Name Was______.

Her Name Was ______. followed the playful story line of Keira Whitaker. Each piece embraced her friendly personality. The use of vibrant colors accented the playfulness of each song. The lighting design captured the innocence of the girls, and how they evolved as they were exposed more to the real life. At the start of the performance, isolation is used to conceal the girls' emotions. As the story continues, the world expends with the curtains opening and exposing a mirror. The atmosphere brightens up and the playfulness continues throughout the rhythm and songs.

Photo Credit: Skye Schmidt


RAW told several stories through hand movement. Each story represented a different event in someone’s life. The goal of the design emphasized vibrant and bold colors to represent the emotions within each piece, and created an intimate space between the dancer and the audience.

Photographer: Skye Schmidt

Carbon Footprint: Watch Your Step

Carbon Footprint: Watch Your Step used dance as a source of communication for climate change. Each of the movements reflected current environmental issues and dilemmas. The goal of the design was to capture the contrast between the beauty of nature and the pollution caused by industrial factories by the use of vibrant colors versus soft colors. The use of organic textures or geometric textures, through their soft naturalistic edges versus sharp mechanical edges, added more contrast between the two worlds.

Photo Credit: Skye Schmidt

Bare Bones 2018: Between the Spaces

Photo Credit: Terra Deal

Physical Graffiti 2018

Photo Credit: Skye Schmidt